Church Documents

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Academic Student Honors and Achievements
Please complete this form when you or your child receive any academic honors and/or achievements throughout the school year.

Church Calendar Request Form
Please complete to submit a request to add a meeting or event to the church calendar. Requests are reviewed daily. Please submit your completed form at least ONE MONTH before your event or meeting.

Announcements/Flyer Request Form
Complete this form if you would like a flyer created to advertise your MINISTRY or COMMITTEE event and/or if you would like a MINISTRY or COMMITTEE event added to the WEEKLY ANNOUNCEMENTS.

Letter Request
Please complete this form to request a Letter for any upcoming GC:NR event (especially for annual days). Requests are review weekly. Please submit your form at least FOUR WEEKS before you need it.

Funeral/Memorial Request
Complete this form to request the use of the New Revelation Baptist Church Building, Clergy and/or services for a Funeral or Memorial.

Building Use Request
Use this form to schedule any and all meetings, events and other activities that will use the New Revelation Baptist Church Facilities. Please submit your completed form, proof of liability coverage and maintenance fee (if required) at least 2 weeks prior to your event.

Church Directory
Please complete this form to be added to our church directory. Each person over the age of 18 must complete their own entry. This information will be kept private. We will use your information for the planning purposes of the church. We will also use the information to acknowledge you on our social media unless you instruct us not to (ex. birthdays and anniversary shout outs).

Baby Dedication
Complete this form if you want to have your baby dedicated!